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In keeping with the spirit of the game and good sportsmanship, all coaches, players, parents and spectators should be aware of our Code of Conduct. It is important to our soccer program and to our community, that all participants in soccer matches hosted by our club or participated in by teams from our club conduct themselves in a positive, professional, and congenial manner, at all times. We may feel, during the course of play, that the actions/behavior of some are inappropriate, but we must remember to stay focused on the positive aspects of the game, and suppress any urge to speak out in an inappropriate manner; thereby eliminating any confrontations instigated by a player, coach, parent or spectator in our soccer program. Remember, we are all responsible for our actions and their consequences. Our goal is to project a positive image of our program, and to avoid any disciplinary actions that may result from un-sportsmanship like behavior. Thank you, in advance, for taking a few minutes to read the following information, and most of all, for your cooperation in support of a program of which we can be proud. COACH'S CODE
• Promote fun (on & off the field of play), friendships & learning new skills. Seek no unfair advantages, except those of skill. • Referees, administrators and opponents should be treated with respect and dignity. • Only provide positive reinforcement and encouragement. Remember, it's only a game, so have fun with it. • Official decisions should be accepted without looking angry, no matter how unfair they seem. • Teach each child how to win and lose with dignity and grace. You are their role model, so please act accordingly. • The ideal is to provide the greatest good to the greatest number of children. Children will always remember this experience. If a coach is capable, he/she will be able to maintain discipline, without becoming authoritarian. If not, the team will become an unruly gang, unable to respond to group discipline. Consequently, they will bring no credit to themselves, their coaches, their organization, or the game of soccer. When the coach accepts the responsibility to coach a team, he/she accepts a responsibility to that team, to the players, to their parents, to the Barrington Soccer Club, and to the sport of soccer. PLAYER'S CODE
• Have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. Be a good and supportive teammate. Do your best for your team. • Be generous and kind when you win or lose and be fair and honest, always, no matter what the circumstance. • Obey the rules of the game. Listen to, and respect your coaches, officials, administrators and referees at all times. • After each game, offer congratulations or say "good game" to the opposing team. Honesty and wholeheartedly, applaud the efforts of your teammates and your opponents.

PARENT'S CODE (Parents should remember):
• Children have more need of example for praise and encouragement, than for criticism and negative yelling. • Attempt to relieve the perceived pressure of competition, not increase it. A child is easily affected by outside influences. • Be kind and respectful to your child's coaches, officials, and club officers. These coaches, officials, and club officers volunteer to give their personal time to provide a recreational activity for your child. These people are providing a valuable community service, often without reward, other than the personal satisfaction of having served the community and making a positive difference in the lives of our children. The best way to better the program is to volunteer to help in any way you can. • Applaud good plays by everyone from both teams. Let soccer be fun! • Do not openly question the referee's judgment, and never his/her honesty. The referee is a symbol of fair play, integrity and sportsmanship. Please remember, many referees are still children learning how to ref, so please give them a break. Accept the results of each game, and encourage your child to be gracious in victory, and turn defeat into victory, by working towards improvement. A child will not remember the results of a game but will remember how they felt because of your actions. • Encourage your child from the sidelines, but do not direct or coach the play, let the coach do his/her job. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT
The attitude shown by parents at games towards their child/children, the opposing team, the officials, and the coaches, influence the child's values and behavior in sports. Criticism, disrespect for officials and opponents by over-anxious or overprotective parents bent on their own immediate success, rather than the long term benefits, undermines the purpose of sport and brings unnecessary stress into the game beyond that of normal competition. When the adolescent cannot cope effectively with such stresses, it contributes to behavior not in keeping with "The Spirit Of The Game."

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